A big Sugi tree.


An Oosugi, a big Japanese cedar located in Makata Shrine of Chiba, Narita. This big Sugi tree is the most bigger one in eastern Japan area, and is 1300 years old. It’s said that spirits dwells within this tree, and it’s good for longevity.


I was overwhelmed by the power of this tree and deeply felt the air and things which come from another world existence around here.

magata shrine

The Makata shrine. A name ‘Makata’ seems to came from ‘Magatama’. (勾玉)Today, this place has been one of a power spots in Japan. For me, this place seems to have a strong power.

Makata Shrine(Makata jinja)  This site only in Japanese language, if you have any question please ask me.



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