Soba in Hakone



Soba, it’s one of Japanese traditional & popular food. The above picture’s soba was made by myself!

I took a Soba making lesson(1 day experience) at a Onsen ryokan(温泉旅館) in HAKONE before. The Owner chef showed us how to make Soba from scratch.

And we tried to make it by ourselves for our Lunch with Tempura which the chef prepared with the best timing with soba. It was really good.

Although it’s not good in shape of each Soba of mine, the taste was great. Tempura was so amazing, too. I usually don’t eat Tempura so much, probably it made me felt a fresh taste of them.

Japanese love Tempura among other things. But eating too much Tempura would not really good for your health. It’s contained “AGE”(Advanced Glycation End Products) in high as same as other Deep fried food.

It makes elderly people (especially) unhealthy.


After lunch, we took a hot spring in this Ryokan. The hot spring here is the origin hot spring water. The Onsen booth is separated for men and women. Even I am a Japanese, I don’t really like to take an Onsen bath with others. I like to take an Onsen in “Private” in room so that I can relax.

Anyway, Soba is great! Let’s try making Soba by yourself!!


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