Tokugawa’s garden.


gardensq2     gardensq3

This nice Japanese garden is located in the Garden Square Hotel Shizuoka. It’s located at center of Shizuoka city, near the Shizuoka Station and really convenience location. This is the famous place where the last general of Tokugawa Yoshinobu had spent for 20 years as his residence. There are many things remains which you feel the history of Tokugawa in whole of the place of Shizuoka.

Hotel site

Although there are some business style hotels around here, the garden square hotel is one of my best hotel, it is a quite cozy place to stay. You might want to taste a small breakfast of local style. And beds are comfortable enough to sleep. With good location, you can walk around this area and enjoy shopping and eating.


We went to the Sunpu castle Park located about 10~15min from the hotel. This park is the site where the original Sunpu castle previously stood. Taking walk in this wide opened place makes you relax. You can see lots of beautiful autumn leaves in the fall season with tasting some Japanese Green tea at this park.

Sunpu Park site


There is a bronze statue of Tokugawa Ieyasu in the park. (1542~1616 the founder. The first Shogun of the Tokugawa.) As you can see, he is holding a hawk. He loved hunting hawks, and he had a falconer with him. And also you find an orange tree which was planted by Ieyasu next to this bronze.



3 responses to “Tokugawa’s garden.

    • Thanks for your comment! Where do you live? If you have never been here, I really recommend to visit here at least once when you have chance to come to JP. This place is not so big and popular, but I love here.


      • Your welcome. I live in the eastern USA. I do plan to go to japan someday soon, it is that this blog’s topic caught my attention, because I had recently began looking over the history of Tokugawa.


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