Mt. Fuji and City.

fuji1   fuji2

Mt. Fuji, some shots from the Shinkansen (Express train), the section of Mishima.

Fuji san & Rails // Fuji san & Factory

fuji3   fuji4

Fuji san & River  //  Fuji san & RIver Beach


Fuji san & Farm

Fuji san is a sanctuary place from a long time ago, and it is a mountain that just to veiw from outside. Today, it has been general to climb the mountains, but Mt. Fuji is a not mountain to climb. Now, it has placed as a world heritage site, we people have to care much much more. Mt. Fuji is a heart of Japan.

富士山ブック 2014 登る!! 富士山 (別冊 山と溪谷)Mt. Fuji Book 2014 Trekking guide.

世界遺産にされて富士山は泣いている (PHP新書)Fuji is crying for its world Heritage.

世界遺産ティッシュケース 富士山 RH-391Fuji san tissue box case


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