Hair Salon yokohama


Looking for a Hair Salon?

For people from out of Japan who lives in Yokohama, I recommend this Hair salon.

Their speciality is Henna, cut and straight perm etc.

“Shelter hair salon”

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This salon is located at Kamiooka Higashi, Kounanku, Yokohama. It takes about 3min from Kamiooka station.
   If you only speak English, it’s not easy to ask them your order. But they had managed their salon in Singapore before, easy conversation is no problem. It’s Ok just tell them with easy word, simply.
I think there is not enough hair salon for foreigner at outside of Tokyo. I wonder where they will get their hair cut. I had been lived in out of Japan, I felt lucky there were some Japanese hair salons. I want them to be easy to live in Japan as I had lived in Singapore.
Stylists of this salon are really nice and kind. Of course, their skills are really high. Shelter was popular in Singapore.   I hope you try this hair salon, and get to an experience Japanese hair cut and shampoo.

Shelter hair salon in yokohama 

Map:日本, 〒233-0001 神奈川県横浜市港南区上大岡東1丁目9−15 パルテノンビル

There is an chinese restaurant next door of this salon. Also their food is awesome as well.



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