Sakura at Mishima Taisha


I like to go to here. Suddenly, I want to get here sometimes with no reason.

sakura   sakura2

sakura3   sakura5

Link:  Mishima Taisha

Especailly, from the last day of a year to a new year day, a lot of people visit here for give their gratitude, and give their wishes for a new year. There will be set up many booths of food and goods along the entrance. It looks like a summer festival.

Around here, there is a famous Unagi(eel) restaurant. Its name is Sakura-ya. Why don’t you taste the good Unagi here?

父の日ギフト 鰻の蒲焼2~3人分 風呂敷包みセット 国内産うなぎUnagi Kabayaki Gift

トーノー うなぎ蒲焼ふりかけ 50g×4個Unagi rice seasoning x 4 pcs

Bestever ペットトイ うなぎ ビッグサイズBig Toy Unagi


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