How to enjoy “Cigare”, YokuMoku.


This is the confectionery called "Cigare" produced by YOKUMOKU, Japan. It is very popular in UAE. There are many shops of YOKUMOKU around this area. It tastes good and I like this shape.
How to Enjoy “Cigare”!


1. Gaze at Cigare until you are fully satisfied with that beautiful shape.


2. Prepare your favorite coffee or tea.


3. Dip only the tip of “Cigare” into coffee a moment. (just 1 second is enough)  And eat, only the tip soaked. And repeat it..

4. Imitate like you’re smoking using Cigare.


5. Just eat as it is. it’s good enough.

I have a chance to get this the other day, so I enjoyed eat this with coffee. I think it will be good with English tea as well. Make it more gorgeous, add some whipped cream and ice cream would be perfect.


ヨックモック シガール YCG-12



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