Kunozan Toshogu.


Kunozan Toushogu (久能山東照宮): This is a picture which I took when I went to Kunozan with my family in March. This is located on the peek of the Mt. Kuno at Suruga-Ku in Shizuoka Prefecture. Tokuwaga Ieyasu who spent his left of his life at Sunpu(Shizuoka-city), he trusted to his retainers to burial him after Ieyasu died. And his 2nd shogun, Hidetada practiced as Ieyasu asked, and Hidetada officially announced to construct a shrine to worship for Ieyasu. It’s a start of Kunozan Toshogu.

You can get here by a ropeway or foot. I got there by a ropeway, and saw the beautiful Suruga bay on the way. I want to get there by foot next time because it says if you go to get to the top of this Shrine by foot with 1159 stone steps, your wish will make come true. And more, the view from the steps would be super great.

kunozan2   kunozan4




http://www.toshogu.or.jp/index.html Go check Web site.

五月節句飾り 鈴甲子雄山作 甲冑飾り 鎧飾り 歯朶具足鎧 (戦国武将・徳川家康)(重要文化財・久能山東照宮所蔵模写)(総革小札仕様・

五月節句飾り 鈴甲子雄山作 甲冑飾り 鎧飾り 歯朶具足鎧 (戦国武将・徳川家康)(重要文化財・久能山東照宮所蔵模写)(総革小札仕様・


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