Tororo meal.

Japanese Tororo Meal

tororo1   tororo3

Went to have Lunch to Issyouen. 一松園@Mariko in Shizuoka.

tororo2   tororo4

I like Tororo so much, I can eat 2 or 3 bowls of rice with Tororo. I hope some agree with it…:). How should I say, you can’t easy to stop eating this because it’s easy to eat like wash down. Tororo is a soup with grated yam, and pour its soup over the white rice mixed with the barley.


This meal comes with another nice local dishes using some natural food like it’s used had from old times. Tororo is good for summer. If you feel bad for the heat of summer  and feel like can’t eat anything then, try this. It gives energy to you!

Summer is just around the corner!


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