Fresh Wasabi.


Wasabi: わさび:山葵 Wasabi grows only a place where water is clean, so most wild Wasabi grows at around the foot of Mountain, Mt. Fuji. It’s made in Shizuoka mostly.

I use Wasabi when I eat Sashimi (raw slice of fish) with Shoyu (soy source), Sushi, and for soba soup (a pungent for the soba soup). Also use for salad dressing. If pursue delicious tastes of wasabi, use real natural wasabi as above picture is better. I also want to get this natural one every time I use, but it’s kind of hard to do this on this usual life. You can’t find a fresh one in the supermarket. So, I compromise with a processed wasabi for daily.

S&B – Wasabi in Plastic Tube 1.52 Oz.

Like this. But for me it’s not real one. Once you taste natural wasabi, you will understand the different. The natural one tastes a little bit sweet, and there is no strong stimulus as it is said, and it has a rich fragrant. I am realized how important to use real condiments. There are lots of Japanese food, restaurants around the world now, but I think there are very few real Japanese style’s, and now you can buy JP food anywhere, but it’s not so reasonable and mostly processed food with some additives. I hope many people who like Japan or JP food can experience really good JP food someday.

A typhoon is coming close….today!


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