A Glass museum@Hakone.

Hakone Glass Museum


Hydrangea: ajisai : あじさい:紫陽花 @Hakone

glass   glass2

Went to the Hokone Glass Museum when hydrangea in season. It was not so sunny day but I enjoyed seeing many beautiful glass arts. The atmosphere is not like Japan.

glass4   glass5

Looks like an English garden in somewhere. An antique chandelier gives a historical atmosphere. I can see some orbs around it.

glass3   glass6

Left: This is a goblet, once the Rothschilds collected. (Vessel type and Byzantine stipple pattern.) A masterpiece.  Right: A pretty clown holding a glass made flower. It’s cute a bit.

There are another pictures I took there, I want to share more on the other post….


I found this unique clock in Amazon. It’s Dali Clock. !


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