Megane in Nagasaki.


Megane Bashi(Megane Bridge)

The picture when I went to see “Megane Bashi” in Nagasaki. Megane=Eye glasses, Bashi(hashi)=bridge.

megane2   megane3

This is the first stone construction arch bridge which was made in Japan in 1634. It was registered as an important cultural asset in 1960.

Can you see the reflection in the water? This two arches and their reflection create a pair of glasses. Its name comes from it.

There are 20 heart shaped stones put on a bank around this bridge, and they said if you find some, you will get a good luck.  I didn’t know about this,,,, but I was only interested in an  interesting ice cream which was sold near this bridge. Like below.


This is a scoop of ice cream with Milky flavor. The vendor made its petals one by one.  It  was so beautiful.


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