Hakone Shrine

hakone shrine3

Hakone Shrine

@Hakone Shrine in rain…. heavy rain. 😦  But look at this picture. Can you feel something extraordinary? Every time I go God’s place, I think or hope I feel sacred air. And there are always with nature. I like this colors, nature green x vermillion. Vermillion has some power that prevent the disaster and magic, and increase the power of god. And a role of preservative…

hakone shrine4

Hakone Shrine箱根神社 is a major hallowed ground of mountain worship. A place that warlords such as Tokugawa Ieyasu, Minamotono Yoritomo had prayed before the fight.

hakone shrine

hakone shrine2This is a cedar(sugi tree) called Anzan sugi (安産杉). You can make a wish for a safe birth here when you having a baby.

Thank you.


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