Izumo shrine.


The entrance of Izumo Taisha出雲大社. Located at Izumo city in Shimane prefecture. 
The worship of Ohkuninushi no mikoto大国主命 and another 5 gods. In October, most of 神様gods of Japan(all the gods of heaven and earth八百万の神)gather in Izumo Taisha for a meeting. 
It's called Kannazuki神無月. It means that there aren't gods of Japan of each shrines because they come together in Izumo. For Izumo, they called Kamiarizuki神在月, it means all of gods in Izumo.  
So why they meet together? It's kind of a business trip... They discuss what they have to do for Japan in the future, and talk about a matchmaking.
 They need consider on your request...


The street of Izumo Taisha.

izumo4   izumo

Lunch time before go inside of Izumo Taisha! I had ” Izumo style soba.” It’s very famous  soba. You can enjoy 3 kinds of flavor at the same time! It’s easy your stomach full!!!


to be continue..!


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