Karuizawa green!


karuizawa2Hi, konnichiwa! Genkidesuka? saikin wa totemo kimochii kisetsu ni narimasita. How are you doing? It’s autumn season. Very very nice and comfortable season in Japan.(depends on the location) Above pics are @Karuizawa around Hoshino Area. (Nagano pref)please check this web site. We went here last month. We just stop by here on the way to home. It was very crowded. All of stores, cafes, restaurants were full with people. But I would like to get there again on the off season.


karuizawa3I want to climbing someday. I want to go to see the Rocky mountain someday. Go to Hawaii to surf, go to Canada for breathe with beautiful air…. a lot things that I want to do before I die. I don’t know this whole earth even l live on this planet. So, do what I can first step by step. yes, I can. yes, we can…..w




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