Japanese Garden of Adachi Museum 2

Japanese Garden of Adachi museum 1

Japanese Garden of Adachi Museum 2

adachim1Japanese Garden of Adachi Museum was chosen to “11th consecutive years in Japan” for  the Journal of Japanese Gardening.( by “Japanese Garden index 2013” which was carried out for the historic sites in 900 or more locations nation wide.)


They received 3 stars by “the Michelin Green Guide Japon”. Although the location is far, it’s worth to visit to see the garden.


Their collections are Modern Japanese painting(like Yokoyama Daikan), Contemporary Japanese painting, Pottery(like Kitaoji Rosanjin) and Wood carving.

This Museum was established in 1980 by Adachi Zenko at the age of 71.


There are 2 cafes inside of this museum. The view from the cafe is so cool. I really recommend you to have a break time with some drinks or light meals. Cafes. You can enjoy some Japanese Maccha Desserts and a good coffee!!


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