Walk around Hase Station.

HaseEki/長谷駅/Hase Station @ Kamakura in Kanagawa Pref

Walk around Hase Station. This station is for going to the Kamakura no Daibutsu. There are many historical shrines and private houses. Not only go to a famous place, but also it is fun just walk a side street.
This is a small roadside shop that are selling Japanese traditional sweets called Manju饅頭. I like a Red Post standing in a private house.
A railway for Enoden. (A small train) It looks like “Stand by Me” scene….mmm It’s definitely not…. don’t walk this railway…:) anyway I like this picture. I wanna walk on this railway. When the train comes, just run!!!! please don’t.
An old shrine that is located along this railway. Goryou jinja/御霊神社 It is said that this shrine was made at Heian era. Good for Eye disease.

I enjoyed take a walk. I went to a cafe nearby the station to buy an iced latte. I saw many foreigners who are sightseeing around. Hope they have enjoyed the trip in Japan.


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