I love fried rice.


I like Fried rice.
When I lived in Singapore(spend 6 years), I had eaten it so often. Actually, Fried rice is such a dish made with leftovers originally. As far as I know, Singapore people prefer white steamed rice with some main dishes. But most Japanese prefer fried rice. Japanese like Rice anyway. 🙂 Some people eat rice for breakfast. (A Japanese style breakfast. Basically, steamed rice comes with small dishes like a small grilled fish or bacon with eggs, and miso soup.etc…) I don’t have breakfast of this style so often. I like to have a small bowl of granola with almond milk recently….

There are many kinds of rice in the world. Its taste and texture are different from Japanese rice & another asian one such as from China, Thai, Vietnam. Japanese rice is contained a lot of moisture and it’s taste sweet. Another asian rice is less moisture. Less moisture one is the best rice for making Fried rice.! It reminds me back that taste…
I wanna go to get nice fried rice in Singapore now…..or looking for it in Yokohama china town…

* I went to HERE for Lunch.
Kanagawa Pref, Yokohama city, Kounanku, Kamioooka Higashi 1-9-15-2F


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