Daruma 2

Happy new year!! 2015
I have visited my parents during new year holiday.
Again and again, I met him…. (first met daruma)

Daruma~!!  And it’s pink(ピンク)!!

daruma 2
His back. The Kanji(chinese character) says AMEYA/飴屋. Candy(飴) Shop(屋)
This Japanese sweets is made in Yaizu.焼津 in Shizuoka. This city is famous for its delicious fish & seafood.
Well, Daruma is famous as well. They have a festival for the Daruma once a year. It’s really nice Matsuri.(祭り)

daruma 3
I opened him to see inside. Oh~, he has the green bean paste inside. sexy & tasty 🙂


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