Japanese Sake


Do you like Sake?
Japanese rice wine?
For above picture, those are Sake to consecration to God of shrine.
Usually people dedicate it for the New year, 地鎮祭(before construction of land), and just for showing your gratitude.



Pictures of Sake shelves at the supermarket near by.
As long as I see, there are many Sake with affordable price here.
I don’t drink Sake so much, but I know it tastes good.(depends on the types)
For me, I like Cold sake. Especially, Daiginjou or Junmaidaiginjou types are best.
My special which I don’t really want to tell you, but I want to recommend…
is “Isojiman”. 磯自慢(shizuoka brand) It’s hard to get.
But when I visit to my parents in shizuoka, I’ll get it!!
Isojiman tastes like a rich fruity white wine. I can’t forget its taste…

*地鎮祭(jichinsai):a ritual that to pray the land before construction
*sake:酒/Japanese rice wine (We call it Nihonshu日本酒.)
*cold sake:冷酒/reishu
*daiginjou:大吟醸/Pinnacle of sake
one of refined sake’s sort made from rice /rice malt /water / a small amount of brewing alcohol.
*junmaidaiginjou:純米大吟醸/Pinnacle of sake
made from rice / rice malt / water

There are many many kind of sake.
Which one is best is each people’s preference.
Let’s drink many different type of Sake.


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