soccer monaka

soccer(foot ball) monaka  🙂


Have you ever seen this?
This is called Soccer ace monaka.(Monaka is Japanese traditional sweets made from Mochi rice.)
Same like Daruma Monaka in my old post.
I don’t know why I post about Monaka sometimes,
even I don’t buy it by myself. But I met Monaka at my parents house…w

This one is also pretty nice. I like the shape.
This is sold in Fujieda city in Shizuoka. (Shop name is Fuchuya.)
You can buy it at this city only.
Fujieda city is called the Soccer city.
It is famous that soccer team of Fujieda Higashi High school is strong.
As you know, former soccer player, Nakayama Masashi, active duty soccer player,Hasebe,
Actor,Bessho Tetsuya,etc…many more, I guess.

Many famous people graduated from this school. Cool!!

This is such a nice souvenir!!


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