Enoshima 江ノ島


Went to Enoshima last month.
This is Enoshima shrine famous for wealth, money, happiness, love, talent. The god of the sea & the god of the water has been enshrined. There are many shrines in Enoshima, I could barely visit at least 3 shrines of those.
It is possible just visit most of shrines, but it’s difficult for properly worship.


Many many steps in around of enoshima. You’d better wear comfortable shoes.
It is good for people who lack of exercise. 🙂


Don’t worry. When you are hungry, you can get a lot of local food around there.
Manju, rice cracker, seafood, shellfish, hamburger, etc.



There are many cats in Enoshima. They are so lovely.
I love Dog, but I love cat as well recently.

I recommend to visit Enoshima when come to Kamakura.

Spring coming soon. It’s the best season to outing!

to be continue…


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