Red Brick Yokohama

Went to Lunch with my friends. (English learners)
We’re in different generations, teens(almost 20s), 30s and 50s.
And it’s really fun to talk with different generations.
They give me a lot of stimulation to make my life more interesting. πŸ™‚

This is Red Brick Yokohama(akarenga souko). *akarenga=red brick *souko=ware house
This is such a famous shopping & dating spot with many shops & cafes inside.
Shops & cafes are really nice and fashionable.
Since the location is harbor, the atmosphere is wonderful.

It is lit up in the evening, and it made different ambience.
They have a live house called Motion blue.(produced by Blue note) And it’s really cool.
If you are interested in live music like Jazz, you’d better try there.

I had Berry Berry Pancakes at bills!! (bills from Australia)
This is first time for me.(us)
I am a person who can’t wait long queue usually, but this time is exception.:)
What’s this pancakes? The texture is amazing. I have never eaten it until now.
This pancakes is talking the secret of popularity of this shop…
Highly recommend!!


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