Shimoda Aquarium


Went to the Shimoda Sea Aquarium!!
(Shimoda is located in Izu Peninsula. Close to the bottom of Izu Peninsula)

It’s a kind of small and, countryside aquarium.
Most of us only knows such a modern style and huge and new aquariums.
But Shimoda’s one is not like that.
It’s located at rural place and not huge as you can look around within 30 min.


But There is a big Different compared with another huge aquariums.
Sea animals are really really cheerful!! & Healthy!!
And they are so friendly.

Dolphins are main of this aquarium. And they are almost wild dolphins.
This aquarium is at the seaside and they’re using wild nature as it is.
Dolphin can spend cheerfully in the nature of the sea. Also, they have some dolphin show, and they don’t use any stage or pool for dolphin. They do just on the sea. Their environment is so natural.

Since I was accustomed in modern style aquarium, this style is I think so wonderful.


You can see dolphins in very close. I have never felt fun like this at any other aquarium.
You can touch & feed, or swim with dolphins as well. (advance booking required)

This is my best aquarium.

It’s located far, not so easy to get, countryside, and small.

But they have something what you really need to feel.


Shimoda Aquarium web
(Show this discount coupon upon buy ticket)


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