This is Yomogi Dango covered with red bean paste. (yomogi: a Japanese mugwort)

(balls of rice-flour dough on a bomboo stick)

It looks like green tea Dango.

The rich yomogi grass scent makes me feel wrapped in nature.


I have one more Dango for incase…. greedy… I wanted to try both 🙂

The other one is Mitarashi Dango. Mitarashi glazed syrup is made from Soy source with sugar.(bit sweet)

I think this taste is the most popular among Japanese.

There is an another meaning of this word ” Mitarashi “.  .

is  御手洗(みたらし),  a holy washing trough / a lavabo.


You can buy anywhere in Japan but you’d better buy at a speciality store or any Japanese cafe called Chaya.(茶屋)
Dango which is selling at the supermarket is sweet taste to keep for a long time.




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