Tokyo Bay Aqua Line.


This place is called Umihotaru. 海ほたる:website

It’s a parking area floating on the Tokyo Bay Aqua line.

Can you see the road that extends far in above picture?  It’s beautiful line.

With using this road, you can arrive between Kawasaki(Kanagawa, Tokyo) and Kisarazu(Chiba) in

about 30 minutes. ( It’s one third of conventional time.)


There are some cafes, restaurants, and gift shops.

If you want to get a cup of coffee, Starbucks helps you.

If you want to get some burgers, there is Sasebo burger shop as well.

Try to stop by here when you feel get tired to driving!


note: You’d better use ETC card to use the Aqua line.
(ETC car discount fee is 800 yen. Regular fee /cash is 3000yen)

Too much Difference!!


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