Natto! 納豆


Have you ever tried natto? 納豆 A Japanese traditional food.

It’s fermented soybeans. Of course it’s smell.

But it’s good for health and beauty.

It’s a source of protein, and more it’s fermented.

So the nutrition value becomes higher.

We eat it with many ways.

– eat as it is.

– mix with slices of Okura (lady finger), finely chopped spring onion, soy source.

– mix with Kimuchi.

– mix with Tuna(canned), mayonnaise(Japanese), soy source, bonito soup, raw egg, spring onion.
(my favorite natto.)

– bake with egg (mix).

– topping to curry & rice.

Many more!!

We enjoy variety ways of eating of Natto!!

Try mix with Tuna!!!

see you! matane!


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