A Secret beach.


I visited Hamaguri-hama beach in Kamigoto a while ago!  I went to there in May, and I think it’s the best time to see this beautiful beach.


In summer, this beach is opened as a bathing beach. So many people come here to enjoy their summer vacation. Actually, I don’t want to tell you this secret place..though..I want to share this place with you.

This time I had a chance to SUP here in stead of surfing. Stand up paddle is like to stand up on the paddle board with using oars/paddles, but I wanted to soak in this beautiful sea I dropped off intentionally! It was so amazing. I still can’t believe this place is in Japan.


There is another beach called ” Takaitabi”. It’s more suitable beach for surfing. But it’s typhoon season only. Still there is worth to visit here to the sea there’s Nobody.


I really want to get there again ASAP.

By the way, this island is famous for Goto-Udon. I can say this udon is No.1 for me who didn’t like to normal one. It’s the best udon I have ever had.

One more food I should recommend here is GotoBeef. It’s rare beef that you can’t get it on the market usually.


I went to this cozy cafe restaurant (Kamome -tei) to taste Goto beef hamburger. Oisi~. It was delicious.

Well, I am getting hungry…I gatta go!


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