Additive great country

Do you still eat margarine (shortening) ?

I’ve heard many countries around the world had banned to sell or use margarine due to harmful to the body. So you can see the label “no trans fat” on items in the supermarket. *There is no note on item in Japan. Rarely, I see some food using margarine in the very local market in the Asia. But it’s up to you choose.

But the country where seems to be an advanced country, Japan! I live in Japan anyway. You can’t believe it, unfortunately, you can easy to pick up many margarine used food in the supermarket, bakery, candy store, convenience store, many shops. There is no restriction using margarine at all even many advanced countries has been banned using it.

There are some reasons to use it are to reduce material cost, and to make food taste better. Mainly, for bread, cake, cream for dessert, and to make soft and moist texture. Most confectionery contains margarine in Japan. Of course there some excellent companies using butter instead of it. So please try to choose not using margarine.

Not only margarine but also many harmful additives are still contained in many food. Again there is no restriction in this country. It’s for concessions. Major company seems to force to use many additives for food and even many food to be thought to no need to add any additives. In spite of they know it’s unhealthy, they add it intentionally.  They have a tendency to restrict No Harm additives. Their point(aim) is they like to harm to your health in the long run, not immediately.

If you visit Japan, and if you care for food please check the ingredient label before you buy. But written in Japanese only though. Remember this マーガリン(margarine).

Thank you for reading.



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