Eggplant family

Eggplant family (solanaceae)

We eat eggplant family everyday with no doubt. Eggplant, Tomato, Green pepper, Paprika, Potato, etc. Rather, they are indispensable to cooking.

Thinking carefully, we eat a lot of eggplant family with meals. And we buy those tentatively in the supermarket. (can get seasonable vegetables all the year = whole year vegetables now)

I think many people like those vegetables regardless of the country, of course it’s same in Japan. Especially, elderly people in Japan have to consider of their health and eat tomatoes in salads seriously. Thinking your health is very important but some times you have to get to know the plants rarely have strong component(toxicity).

There are many people have arthritis, atopic dermatitis, inflammation of skin. People suffered from those troubles tend to like to eat eggplant family everyday. (mainly raw) Eggplant family has strong toxic called “alkaloid”. It seems to be the cause. In case of it’s difficult to decomposition the toxic inside their body due to any functional deterioration, then it’s detoxified through the skin. And the toxic accumulates in joints and causes arthritis.

If you love eggplant family or eat lots of those everyday and have those troubles, let’s try to avoid them for a while. I think that you would realize that you ate eggplant family more than you expected.




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