Prepaid Sim

Prepaid Sim is useful when traveling. (for Sim-Free smart phone)

In Japan, it’s recent that the Sim-free smart phone and Sim-free iPhone have been sold finally. Until then, some main mobile companies didn’t sell any sim-free iPhone. Most iPhone’s sim had locked so it was unavailable to use another sim card. And if you buy iPhone in Japan, you can’t Turn-Off or adjust the shutter sound of camera. It seems to be for prevention of secret-filming or shooting.(be careful in the crowded train)

I bought my iPhone from Singapore, so it was already Sim-free one.
If you go to Singapore, you can get the prepaid sim at the airport. At the bank in the airport for currency exchange. They also sell some sim cards. Or you can get it at the convenience store or mobile shop outside of the airport.


And when I went to the US, I used this.
I ordered it at the Amazon before traveling. It was very useful.

And if you come to Japan, I think this is useful.
iijmio  Japan travel sim

top_image photo by iijmio


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