Shoyu (my recommendation)

Shoyu (my recommendation)

Soy sauce (shoyu)

This shoyu made from good ingredients(Organic soy bean from Aomori/Akita, Organic wheat from Hokkaido, salt, water.
And because it’s raw soy sauce, lactic acid bacteria and yeast and enzymes are alive.(beneficial to the body)
This tastes so good.

Also I like this one.
Because it brews soy beans by 20% more than ordinary brewing,
the umami flavor is remarkably good.


There are many shoyu are sold on the market, and sometimes you have no idea what you should choose.

Only you need to do is checking ingredients.

Soy bean(大豆)、Salt(塩・食塩)、wheat(小麦)

Good one is used simple good ingredients.
If you compare a lot, you can see the difference in the taste of soy sauce.


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