Macadamia nuts pancake

Recently,  I remembered that I had a hawaiian pancake with my friend a few month ago at the world porters (a hawaiian food court)in Yokohama, Minato Mirai.

Macadamia nuts pancake & honolulu coffee

When I went to Hawaii(honolulu) before,
I didn’t have any pancake at all.
I was eating mostly not sweet.(steak,locomoco,fried rice,pho,etc)
So, I wanted to try hawaiian pancake IN JAPAN….
Taste was sweet. So sweet. (Cells become loose)
But anyway, it was nice to be able to eat Hawaiian pancake.

I go to KALDI to get asian foodstuff often.
They have many variety of world foodstuff.

I found Hawaiian Curry in there. Garlic shrimp curry (yellow) & Tropical fruits beef curry(red).

I had Garlic shrimp in Haleiwa.
That was nice.
Those curry were taste…ok…I just wanted feel ‘HAWAII’.

Also you can get that Coriander chips in KALDI.
You should take a look if you are in JP!


Thanks! You have a good day!


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