Huge clams

In Japan, now is the season for clamming.(shell gathering)
I often see many people are digging a hole to get clams in the beach.

For me, I don’t eat any clams, crustacean because I don’t want to eat.
In other words, I don’t need to eat them.

But Many people like them.

* Shells, crustacean are sea sweeper. So I think you’d better not eat too much if you like it. (Especially, regarding seafood near the area of Nuclear power plant.)

My friend gave me lots of clams from Chiba pref.(frozen one)
They were huge size!
Definitely, they are becoming huge.

IMG_0317 IMG_0318

I cooked them (just boiled) beacuse I received it.
But I couldn’t eat them because I felt bit scary to eat.
(my friend’s wife got poisoning symptoms after eat it. But he was no problem.
Maybe her immune power was low at that time.)

Size is big.

Actually, clam is taste good normally. (I like clam chowder.)
But this time, I couldn’t have it.
Maybe no next time…..

Thanks, clams.


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