Beach in May

Kugenuma beach & Enoshima in May.
The water temperature has become warm and
it’s really comfortable to soak in seawater.
The beach will get crowded in the summer from now on.

There are so many surfer in Kugenuma beach in summer.
(This beach is good for beginners. Waves are so gentle.)
I’m a beginner, too. Still I have a fear of a big wave.
I say “big wave”, but actually it’s not a big. It’s small wave
for others.)

In summer for surf, it’s good idea to go to
Ibaraki(hirai), Chiba(onjuku), Shizuoka(Shizunami).
There will be not so crowded like Kugenuma beach.

I wish I could go to the beautiful beach, no crowd, small wave. + shoal, sand.
Maybe, Philippine, Vietnam(Da nang), Phuket(kata), Virginia beach, around the world, etc.

Absorb(generate) a lot of vitamin D from the sun,
let’s spend cheerfully everyday!



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