Cafe hotel “Isola bella”

Went to Chiba again! This time, we went to ‘ Chikura’.
A beach town.
Beautiful beach(sea water), and nice people.
Comfortably quiet to relax.
The place that time passes slowly.

The Hotel we stayed is “Isola Bella”.
Pretty cafe hotel of 3 rooms only.
It feels like staying at friend’s house.
There is a peaceful rice field next to the hotel,
and it leads you deep sleep with happiness at night.


In the morning,
you wake up with sunrise.
Go to the beach (5 mins on foot),
Take a walk or surf.
Get back to the hotel,
Delicious breakfast is prepared.


Owner of the hotel is really friendly and nice.
His hospitality is so good,
that’s why many guests repeatedly use this hotel.
(musician, celebrity, famous surfer, general people, etc)




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