Hatagoya (Motel in JP)

Although I’ve stay many kind of hotels, and I think accommodation like motel is the best one for me for now.
I stayed at luxury hotel, business hotel, boutique hotel ever, and I like them.
But it depends on the purpose.
I used to like it vaguely before.

Now, my main purpose is just “go to the beach & surf”.
Very simple.

There are many motels or Inns in the US and elsewhere.
I had stayed at motel only once in the Las Vegas.

In Japan, the accommodation that it can say ‘motel”inn’ I know,
is “Family lodge/Hatagoya” only.
Their concepts are
“Simple stay” “road side” “american style”

Good for who don’t need any breakfast.
(They offer complimentary of coffee/7am-11pm & bread/7-9am)
It’s really nice.
Good for who like a simple check-in & out. *check-out is 11am!! good!
(there is no human annoyance.)
Good for who prefer quiet place, minimal stay.
Recommend for people who have car.
For Family. There are 2 queen size beds,toilet & bath room.
(To Keep clean, you have to take off your shoes.)

One night stay for regular season is about 8000yen. (one room for 2 person)
It’s really affordable price.

Comparing to other normal hotels, my heart is filled with this accommodation.

The things that fill the heart may be in a
“Simple design, simple-style, simple-life-style”.


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